Rheum Riddles – Rheumatology Advances

Sundaram TG MD, DM Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
Consultant, Department of Rheumatology, PSG hospitals, Coimbatore

1. Who were the target population in the recently published ARIAA study on abatacept in preclinical RA?

a) First-degree relatives of RA patients with ACCP
b) Early arthritis with ACCP
c) Early arthritis with MRI signs
d) Arthralgias + ACCP + MRI signs

2. According to the latest EULAR recommendations for ANCA vasculitis, how early is the tapering of glucocorticoids to 0.5 mg/kg suggested?

a) 2nd week
b) 3rd week
c) 4th week
d) 6th week

3. Guselkumab, an FDA-approved therapy for psoriatic arthritis, is a monoclonal antibody against which cytokine?

a) IL17A and IL17F
b) IL12 and IL23
c) IL23 p19 subunit
d) IL17 receptor

4. Which of the following does not increase the likelihood of TTP (part of the plasmic score)?

a) Platelet count < 30 * 109 /L
b) INR < 1.5
c) Creatinine > 2 mg/dL
d) MCV <90

5. A newly described autoinflammatory syndrome (2023), characterised by recurrent fevers, atopic dermatitis, and arthralgias, is caused by the mutation of which gene?

a) RIPK1
b) RIPK3
c) UBA1
d) LYN

6. Co-treatment with which of these immunomodulators has not been shown to improve Pegloticase responder rates in uncontrolled gout?

a) Azathioprine
b) Colchicine
c) Methotrexate
d) Mycophenolate mofetil

7. Which of the following is a promising composite urinary biomarker to differentiate active vs inactive renal SLE?


8. According to the latest IMACS initiative, which of the following autoantibodies is consideredlow risk for cancer?

a) SRP
c) SAE
d) MDA5

9. Which of the following is the first FDA-approved non-drug treatment for fibromyalgia?

a) Electroacupuncture
b) Wearable TENS device
c) Cognitive behavioural therapy
d) Mindfulness meditation

10. Which of the following is a novel activin signalling inhibitor for group 1 pulmonary arterial hypertension?

a) Sparsentan
b) Lenabasum
c) Sotatercept
d) Vericiguat

Answer Key:

01. D
02. A
03. C
04. C
05. D
06. A
07. C
08. A
09. B
10. C