Quiz: How many did you get?

Somya Jain MD, Fellowship in Rheumatology
Arthritis Clinic, AKJ Healthcare and Diagnostics, Saharanpur, UP
Max Hospital, Dehradun

1. VKH syndrome Is associated with all except:

D) HLA B51

2. TH2 cells secrete all except:

A) IL2
B) IL4
C) IL5
D) IL6

3. All immunosuppressants are associated with the risk of malignancy except:

A) Azathioprine
B) Mycophenolate
C) Cyclophosphamide
D) Leflunomide

4. Which of the following is true for VEXAS syndrome?

A) Numerous white vacuoles on skin biopsy
B) Autosomal recessive
C) Autoimmune disease with Myelodysplasia
D) Mutation in enzyme UBA2

5. All are the names for Sjogren’s Syndrome except:

A) Mickulicz disease
B) Gougerot syndrome
C) Autoimmune exocrinopathy
D) PFAPA syndrome

6. Positive APL can be seen in all except:

A) 20% of normal individuals
B) HIV infection
C) HCV infection
D) 20% patients of vasculitis

7. All are the mimickers of IgG4-related disease, except:

A) Sarcoidosis
C) Sjogren’s

8. All are true about DADA2 except:

A) Occurs in paediatric population only
B) Known as Cat eye syndrome
C) Deficiency of ADA2
D) Monogenic form of childhood PAN.

9.Which drug has been tried in checkpoint inhibitors induced myocarditis?

A) Abatacept
B) Pemrolizumab
C) Nirolumab
D) Risankizumab

10. A patient of RA, on Adalimumab and Isoniazid, develops Lupus with low complements. Which antibody is likely to be positive?

A) Anti-Ro/LA
B) Anti ds DNA
C) Anti histones
D) Anti-DFS 70

Answer Key:

01. D
02. A
03. D
04. C
05. D
06. A
07. D
08. A
09. A
10. B