Music and Life

Suvrat Arya MD, DM (Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology), PDF (Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology)
Senior Consultant, Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology, Jaypee Hospital, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

My music journey began in childhood. My father introduced me to the world of music. He being my first music teacher used to teach me Indian light instrumental music. I used to play keyboard and had participated in a few instrumental music competitions. When I got into my MBBS college, UCMS, Delhi in 2004, I was initiated into rock music which was completely new to me, by friends especially Dr. Divyang Sharma. Divyang is a musical genius. He had already written and composed numerous songs in his school time. We along with our senior Dr. Raman Tanwar, formed a rock band called “Resurrection”. It took me some time to adapt to this new genre. Though academics was always our first priority, music used to be the stress buster and tension reliever. In the early days of band, I used to play keyboard or synthesizer in the band. Lack of a drummer in the band was the initial push which made me consider playing drums and soon I realized I was always made for percussion. Started as an amateur eventually became a self-taught drummer and there was no looking back.

Our band changed many names and members, the only constant was the two of us – me and Divyang. We wrote and composed many songs mainly addressing social causes like water pollution affecting the Yamuna river, plight of Kashmir etc. We as a band performed at various platforms including a live performance on NDTV’s ‘Greenathon’ which was an event for awareness regarding global warming and air pollution.

I almost left music after joining MD Medicine at PGI, Rohtak. There was lack of time and space in hostel room to keep any musical instrument. But my mind used to crave for music. At this point in time, I tried my hands on Guitar. The advantage I had of being in a band for almost 5 years during MBBS days really helped in experimenting with guitar. Majorly, I learnt the instrument watching YouTube videos. After completing MD Medicine, I decided to pursue Rheumatology. During Rheumatology training at CMC, Vellore and subsequently at SGPGI, Lucknow, music took a back seat. There was almost no ‘noise’ till I finished my DM.

After completing training, I finally moved to and settled in Noida. Music remained in dormancy till COVID pandemic came. COVID made me realize the effervescence of life. It was like I had ‘resurrection’ of a craving for my lost love. I started playing drums and guitar again, even recorded a few videos and made a YouTube channel out of it. I got in touch with Dr. Akshat Pandey from Indore, who subsequently became a dear friend. Besides Rheumatology, music also connects us. We collaborated too for a few videos besides playing together live at IRACON 2022.

We all have music in us. Some enjoy it, some play it & some create it. I was lucky enough to be at the right place and at the right time. I am not an expert in any way but my music gives pleasure to myself and my listeners. That’s more than I’d ask for.

Playing drum cover of a popular song.

Playing instrumental cover of an old hindi song with my father on harmonica and myself playing ukulele.

Playing an instrumental cover of a famous hindi song with Dr. Akshat Pandey.

Performing live on stage in IRACON 2022 with Dr. Akshat Pandey.