Music and life – harmonies of existence

Akshat Pandey MD, Fellowship Rheumatology, MSc Rheumatology (Cardiff,  UK)
Consultant In-Charge, Department of Rheumatology , Apollo Hospitals, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Music and life – harmonies of existence

I have been into music since I was 8 and started playing the keyboard. Music has always been my escape from reality, allowing me to express myself in ways words cannot. I have had the opportunity to perform at various events and venues, showcasing my talent and connecting with people through the universal language of music. Nine years back, on my birthday, I saw this beautiful, shining silvery horn called Saxophone, gifted by my dad, lying inside a grey box, picked it up, and tried to blow on it. Trust me, I blew it like an old cow mooing. It was terrible.

With time, I got a hold of it and realized the Saxophone is among the most beautiful instruments I ever played! It has earned me recognition among my peers and within the medical community. The soothing melodies that flow from its brass body captivate listeners, transporting them to a realm of pure musical bliss. The sound of a saxophone replaces a singer’s voice, and that’s the impact it creates on a listener. As the Saxophone takes center stage, the listener is transported to a different world, where words are unnecessary, and the music speaks for itself.

I usually play old Hindi songs on my Saxophone. Although the Saxophone is known for jazz music, I have chosen to play a different genre and have received love and appreciation from everyone. Although I did not have the opportunity to undergo extensive classical training, my instinctive musical sense empowered me to independently play many instruments. With a natural ear for music, I can effortlessly pick up melodies and replicate them on various musical instruments. I was fortunate to form a musical group of rheumatologists in IRACON 2022 in Indore, where we performed live. Finding like-minded individuals in our profession with whom we can harmonize is always enjoyable. One such talented individual I met 4 years back was Dr. Suvrat Arya, who is now very dear to me. We had numerous online musical jamming sessions together during the Covid era and had the opportunity to perform live with him in Indore. Hope to create many such memories together in future.

My dad always supported me in my studies and maintained my passion for music. He would encourage me to excel academically and pursue my musical aspirations. His unwavering support gave me the confidence to push myself and strive for success in both areas. Also, I would like to thank my mother and wife for bearing with my terrible saxophone noise pollution at home during the initial days of my learning. They have shown immense patience and support, never complaining about the noise or discouraging me from pursuing my passion. Their understanding and encouragement have been invaluable, motivating me to practice even harder and improve my skills.

Playing for our soldiers on 15th August 2023 Independence day celebrations in Rabindranath Tagore Sabhagrah, Indore.

Playing with Dr Suvrat Arya and Dr Jaikrit Bhutani. Song “Aey Zindagi gale laga le” an online collaboration during Lockdown in 2021.

Live during banquet night of World Rheumatology Forum, Jaipur in March 2023. What a memorable night it was!

Playing Ghatam (A large, narrow-mouthed earthenware water pot used as a percussion instrument in India) during a song recording in Indore.