Mountain Biking

Anshul Goel MBBS, MD
Consultant Rheumatologist, Himalaya Arthritis and Rheumatology Centre, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Riding bikes off-road, often over rough terrain is an adventure. Because riders are often far from civilization, have uncertain availability of food, stay in tents or dormitories away from comfort and luxury, and repair broken bikes and flat tyres, this sport has a strong element of self-reliance.

A person learns self-dependence, fearlessness, endurance, and core strength. Riding through tough terrains, extreme climatic conditions, facing people of different temperaments, exhaustion, mountain sickness, attentiveness on the road, manoeuvring through traffic, sometimes encountering wild animals and ill health, and beholding nature disconnect one completely from screen and professional and personal life.

Being a doctor, I get an added opportunity to treat sick co-riders, tourists, and the local public on the go.