From the Executive Editor

Arun Kumar Kedia MD, FICP
Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist, Lifeworth Hospital, Raipur

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With great excitement and proud feelings, I bring to you this issue of the IRA e-Newsletter, a compilation of practical information, opinions, academic updates, motivational and captivating interviews, and some exciting extracurricular activities from our own fraternity.

This issue covers 4 exciting contributions on the theme “Treat to Target in Rheumatology” beginning with the history and evolution, its practical implications and challenges in daily practice in India, and how it is utilized in SLE. The history and evolution have been nicely elucidated by Dr. Neeraj Jain while Dr.  Shankar has expressed his views on its importance, implications as well as challenges in Rheumatology exquisitely yet precise. Dr. Ashok Kumar has shared his wisdom on the practical challenges specific to our country which is not only interesting but also thought-provoking. Dr. Jyotsna Oak with her vast experience in treating patients with SLE has eloquently brought out the difficulties in defining the targets in this disease and what is practically done to handle the complications.

Prof Anand Malaviya inspires everyone in his narrative on, “Laying the Foundation of Rheumatology at AIIMS, New Delhi” sharing his experiences and underscoring how a team of focused and like-minded individuals can overcome obstacles. Dr. Paramjeet Singh has shared his experience of practicing Rheumatology in the hilly belts of Uttaranchal and his team’s tireless efforts to continue providing proper care with a long-term vision to establish telehealth services. Dr. Ved Pandey and Dr. Anshul Goel encourage the readers to do marathons and mountain biking respectively to rejuvenate with nature, improve one’s own health, and develop self-determination to accept challenges in life. Readers would find the accompanying pictures motivating!

For our young colleagues and beginners, Dr. Suresh Adimulam has contributed a brilliant write-up on useful and practical tips to start a stand-alone Rheumatology clinic. Dr. Vijaya Prasanna, Dr. Ritasman Baisya, and Dr. Sikha Agarwal have expertly reviewed some recent impressive and informative international publications in rheumatology. The quiz questions shared by Dr. Somya Jain in this issue will not only challenge your brain but will also bring a smile to your face every time you see the answer key. Images of the quarter by Dr. P Damodaran and Dr. Rajeev Ranjan will keep you absorbed and enrich your knowledge further.

I sincerely thank my co-executive editors Dr. Parthajit Das and Dr. Kavitha M for their inputs and assistance in putting this issue together.

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