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Vinod Ravindran MD, MRCP (UK), MSc-Rheumatology (King’s College, London, UK), CCT-Rheumatology (UK), MRCP-Rheumatology (UK), FRCP (Edin)
Director, Centre for Rheumatology, Calicut, Kerala

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you will like the IRA e-newsletter’s first issue of this year. I thank all the members for their appreciation and constructive feedback on the previous issues.

Our editorial board has worked collectively to bring you diversified and exciting content.

In line with our vision for the e-newsletter “Be innovative and think of life more and science less”; executive editor for this issue, Dr Himanshu Pathak has curated a collector’s volume with an exciting range of topics with contributors ranging from the doyens and experts from Indian rheumatology to our extremely talented younger members.

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Lastly, I would to thank Prof John Mathew of CMC, Vellore, for sharing his reminisces regarding Prof Debashish Danda, a towering figure in the world of rheumatology, whom we lost recently. May his noble soul rest in peace.

Best wishes 

Prof. Vinod Ravindran MD, CCT-Rheumatology (UK), FRCP
Editor-in-Chief, IRA e-newsletter

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