The mission of “Antardhwani”, is to connect people afflicted with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), help them share their experiences, and spread awareness about AS and RA in general community all across India. The organization provide information and education about how to manage AS and RA and conducts events, workshops, and seminars on AS and RA. Antardhwani also give a platform for AS and RA patients to exchange of ideas and experiences. There are many challenges faced during organization`s work like patients not willing to share or disclose their disease and patients not able to take benefit of the programs, events, and sessions arranged for them. Antardhwani try to overcome these challenges by increasing patients’ confidence, so they share their journey with others and look at life positively and reaching to the family members and colleagues of the patients so to eliminate patient self-loathing, guilt, and discrimination. We at Antardhwani encourage patients to get maximum output from their consultation with health care provider; like writing down specific questions and maintaining their health records.

In our endeavors at Antardhwani, we want guidance and support from rheumatologists at regional levels.We would like the rheumatologists to inform their patients about the existence of support groups and encourage their patients to participate in various patient support activities. Other important help would be sharing the patient databases so Antardhwani can contact more patients to be part of the group and take benefit of all support activities. Antardhwani is now working on creating patient leaders who will take initiative in patient programs. We are working on local government administrative levels so to include AS and RA diseases in multiple government and non-government welfare and health insurance schemes.