About Us

The newsletter first appeared as the “IRA Bulletin” in the late 1970s. Edited by Dr C Vanjani and Dr Krishna Das, it was a quarterly publication from 1978 to 1980.

After a hiatus, it reappeared as the “Bulletin of the Indian Rheumatology Association” in 1985 and was edited by Dr SD Deodhar till 1989. Later it was replaced by the Journal of the Indian Rheumatology Association.

It was revived with a new name “IRA News and Views” in 2010-11.

Since 2013, it is being published regularly, earlier as the “Rheumatology e-bulletin” and now as the IRA e-Newsletter.

Editors of IRA e-Newsletter

Dr Banwari Sharma                          2013 – 2016

Dr Sapan Pandya                              2017 – 2019

Dr Vineeta Shobha                          2020 – 2022

Dr Vinod Ravindran                         2023 – Present